The Movement for Equality and Gender Warfare

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The Movement for Equality and Gender Warfare

In today’s modern setting of liberal ideas and experimentation in sexuality, one will find that the present situation of practice and debate is getting to the point where the lines between sexes are being blurred in very concrete and physical ways. It went into motion in the 18th century when women started to fight for women’s suffrage or their right to vote and to abolish gender discrimination in general. Needless to say, it was a momentous occasion as since the dawn of man and civilization, women have been denied certain rights and powers while being given freely to men as a birthright.

This revolution in human rights and equality have resulted in women gaining confidence and restored pride in their sexuality. It gave women the position to be on the same equal footing as men. You will be able to see this in many examples as women are currently leading nations and multi-national companies as presidents, ministers and CEOs. Ironically, the oldest profession known to women has survived and has actually gained strength because of this movement. It is now becoming more accepted in many countries that prostitution be a legitimate way for a woman to make a living. Beautiful Latin ladies can be seen in television acting as high class companions. The sensual escort is now actually being glamorized in the media and it may not mean to be all bad for women. It is a concrete example of them exercising their right to be women and display their sexual preferences without being persecuted. It may seem crass or downright offensive to some people, but it is what it is: freedom of expression.

Today, those arguments and debates have been extended to other social groups like gays and lesbians. It is unclear at this point when the movement started being socially acceptable as even now there are various groups also in opposition to this. In California, the state government has passed a ballot called Proposition 8 wherein the Supreme Court’s decision on lawfully allowing same-sex marriage as a fundamental and constitutional right was overturned in a spectacular fashion as debates raged on in the background. Currently, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Norway, and Sweden are the only countries in which the legal status of same-sex marriages is exactly the same as that of opposite-sex marriages. In the same sense, gay and lesbian escort services have been gaining ground as well catering to these social groups. One will see in media like the internet advertisements of lady companions for lesbians and sites featuring an erotic tgirl targeting specific audiences in the gay and lesbian community.

Some have lauded the passing of such laws as the step forward in human evolution while others opposed to the movement have criticized it and warned that it is unnatural and is a sign that society is in a state of decay. Who is right? It is still hard to tell as the war is still raging to this day. One thing is certain: the movement has started and it is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.


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