The Economy and Job Creation

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The Economy and Job Creation

With the economy being what it is these days, there is a lot of talk about jobs, or more pointedly, the lack of them.  Politian’s and economist alike purport to know how to create them and each have their own opinions on the best way to do it.  The one thing they all seem to agree on is the expansion of small business is the catalyst that will create the jobs and help restore the economy.

So if the expansion of small business is the answer, what will it take to make it happen?


Companies of all sizes need money to expand and grow.  Funding is needed to expand manufacturing, build inventory, improve infrastructure and attract high quality employees, but most small business are not able to get the capital they require.

Our political leaders are all over the television talking about the various ways in which they are helping to expand capital to small business, but listen to the size of the companies they are talking about.  The dollar figures they throw out are millions.  Take a look around your neighborhood, the dry cleaners, the corner bar, the mom and pop pet store – these are the businesses that need access to capital, but they are not generating millions of dollars in revenue each year.  Ask any of those small business owners and they will tell you they would love to expand their business, but the money is not there.  Banks are not lending to business of this size.

Also take a look at start up’s.  They have a particularly hard time getting access to the money they need.  Often the entrepreneur’s idea is a unique take on an existing business, or something that is completely revolutionary, but since they are still in the “start-up” phase there is little to no revenue for the bank to look at and they are denied access to capital because of it.

Where the government needs to focus is on new start-ups and what I would call “micro start-ups”.  These are the companies that need the most financial help.  Founder and CEO of micro start-up Ray Arnoult told us that his biggest hurdle has been finding funding.  He states, “I don’t have any rich friends or relatives that are able to give me the money I need to expand and grow.”  Mr. Arnoult also states, “We took a look at the SBA, but their programs seem to be for existing business, we are working on a new retail business model that involves social media, video sites like YouTube and creating unique content for our customers that keep them coming back.  “Because we are doing things that have never been done before banks don’t get us, they want to see our financials.  I show them and they ask what about sales and I have to explain we are a start-up and still trying to get the word out, but without money we can’t”. is only one of thousands of micro businesses out there struggling to expand.  If our politicians really want to help restore the economy and truly believe the best way to do it is through the expansion of small business they should be looking at companies like and figure out how to help them find the funding they need.


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