Incorporating Sustainability in Everyday Business Practices

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Incorporating Sustainability in Everyday Business Practices

In today’s times, many businesses are seen practicing the go green concept. While some are doing it only to showcase a good brand image in the industry, there are some businesses who are genuinely trying their best to incorporate green methods in their business practices so that they can save on money, energy and useful resources. Sustainability meaning has changed a lot in the last ten years. Now, people are more conscious about leaving behind a good environment for the next generation and therefore, they are willing to contribute towards a greener lifestyle.

Sustainability in business can be achieved in various ways including:

• Start with Yourself

If you are the owner of a large corporation, rather than setting rules for employees to follow, it is a good practice to start yourself and encourage them to follow your lead. You can change the lights of your office to eco-friendly ones, set up dispensers for liquid soaps and opt for refills rather than buying new ones every time, turn off lights and fans when not in use, close the fridge doors and so on. These small steps will motivate the employees to do their part as well and before you know it, you will be saving on a lot of power and money as well.

• Follow Eco-friendly Communication

Simple things like archiving mails, sending mails with attachments rather than taking print outs and discussing them, conducting meetings with electronic devices rather than a pile of documents can all lead towards saving paper and resources for the future. This can redefine sustainability meaning in your corporation and you can gain a great image in the industry as well. This in turn, will also boost productivity.

• Food and Beverages

Most companies throw away a lot of paper, cans and cups in the bin every single day since employees indulge in lots of coffee and food during their work hours. This leads to a huge amount of waste and rarely is any of it recyclable. Businesses should promote home cooking or baking days where you can get employees to showcase their creativity and have lesser waste. You can also invest in a good coffee machine and good quality cups that can be re-used so that people don’t buy throwaway cups from nearby coffee stores.

• Inculcating Values

Sustainability is all about habits and practices. Once we get used to following the green ways of living, it becomes a part of everyday life and rarely seems like a burden. Follow a sustainability reporting system where employees can share ideas to maintain sustainability in the organization and the company can reward the best idea every month or quarter.

Businesses can flourish even more by adapting sustainable methods in every day practices. They can go a long way in terms of making profits, saving money, using limited resources and increasing company performance. By incorporating sustainability reporting, businesses can also ensure that every employee is participating in the new company culture and doing their bit to make the planet a better place to live in.

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