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جولای 2017 - کینگ وب | دانلود موزیک و سرگرمی

How To Be Strong After A Break Up ۹ مرداد ۱۳۹۶

Everything seems to have gone wrong and you are unable to sleep at night because all you can think about is your break up.  All you can think about is how to get over your break up.  We have all been through times of sadness in our lives, following a love affair that has turned sour.  Face reality front on and show your ex that you can be “strong after a break up”.

Men are very possessive animals and they don’t like it when their lover leaves them.

You know there was a reason for the break up, so you must learn to forgive and forget, and above all keep your cool.  Never give your ex the pleasure of seeing you sad.

You are not going to find life easy for the next few weeks.  You can cry to yourself if it makes you feel any better but the chances are you will soon tire of this.  You will eventually realize that nearly everyone goes through a similar stage in their lives, and now is the time for getting ready to move on.

Just because she dumped you, it does not mean that your love life has come to an end.  Get out and enjoy yourself, meet new people and friends you haven’t seen for some tome.  Enjoy being free again while you can.   If your ex sees you looking so great, she may start to be sorry that she ever dared to let you go.

Don’t let your ex start playing her female games, so never go back to her for the odd night stand.  If you do this, it will only make you sadder as you as you have already realized that, by the way that she has behaved, she is not for you in the long term.

For the moment, think about yourself and make some changes that will give you more confidence.  Get some exercise and feel better for it, and raise your ego.  Keep yourself occupied, perhaps with new activities, and as soon as you start to feel you are ready, go out with the girls and get flirting again. Being single is great for a time but you will soon find new opportunities to fall in love.  It is just a matter of time!

Joe Bisley

For further information click here     http://mylove-breakup-makeup.com


Families in North Carolina and around the country turn to nursing homes to provide care and attention to their elderly loved ones. But all too often families’ expectation for professionalism, kindness and compassion is replaced with a shocking reality: abuse.

Abuse violations are a serious concern in nursing homes across the United States, and North Carolina facilities are no exception. These types of violations are particularly grievous since elderly and disabled residents are unable to protect themselves from an attack. In many cases, they are not even able to communicate the abuse they have suffered to their family members, and hence have neither recourse nor protection from future abuse.

According to a 2001 Congressional report, more than 9,000 nursing home abuse reports were filed in the two-year period between January 1999 and January 2001. Of these 9,000 reports, more than 2,500 were severe enough to place residents in immediate jeopardy of death or serious injury. Reported types of abuse include sexual, physical and verbal.

Nursing home neglect is another significant area of abuse, and can range from failure to provide medications according to the doctor-prescribed schedule to withholding food and even water from patients. Dehydration and death have occurred as a result of this type of neglect.

Also according to the Congressional report, which was spearheaded by Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA), the number of nursing homes that is cited for abuse is increasing, and has been every year since 1996. For example, the number of nursing homes cited for abuse during annual inspections more than doubled between 1996 and 2000.

While these national statistics are appalling, of even greater concern are the incidents of unreported abuse. In fact, officials believe that abuse is grossly underreported; some experts even say that the majority of abuse incidents go unreported. At particular risk are nursing home patients without the mental or physical faculties to be aware of — or even to articulate — the abuse they are suffering at the hands of their supposed caregivers.

Nationwide, one-third of the U.S.’s 1,600 nursing homes were cited for an abuse violation that had the potential to cause harm or death. This heart-wrenching statistic has devastating consequences for a state like North Carolina, which has over 37,000 of its residents living in nursing homes, according to a census conducted in 2002.

The reality is grim for North Carolina seniors, since one out of every three residents over the age of eighty-five lives in a nursing home. Given the national rates of nursing home abuse, North Carolinians are undoubtedly at risk. If you or a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, please contact a qualified attorney. Your lawyer can help you to get the compensation you deserve for your mistreatment, abuse and neglect.


Colon Cleansing Reviews | Herbalife 21-Day Herbal Cleanse

Any reviews on colon cleansing must include the Herbalife 21-Day Herbal Cleanse program.  Those who understand the need for digestive system cleaning seek a product that works gently and promotes digestive health.

The Herbalife 21-Day Herbal Cleanse program is a two-prong approach to colon cleansing and digestive health.  Cleaning the digestive system is necessary due to our toxic environment.  Digestive issues can affect your weight, energy level, immune system and skin appearance not just your ability to go to the bathroom.  A proper cleansing program will remove the toxins but also contribute good bacteria needed for balance.  Digestive health is linked to overall wellness.

Why Colon Cleansing Is Necessary

The digestive system is one of the most “essential components” of our body.  The average adult digestive tract is approximately 30 feet long.  Lots of space for things to go wrong.  The majority of digestion and absorption in the body takes place in the small intestine.  Unfortunately, digestive issues are becoming an epidemic.  Almost daily you meet someone complaining about:

  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Acid Reflux
  • Ulcers
  • Acidic Stomach
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Crohns Disease
  • Colitis

Poor nutrition and toxic environments contribute to this growing epidemic.  The modern diet lacks sufficient nutrition and fiber for good digestive health.  You can learn more about how fiber affects health and weight loss in my post High Fiber Foods | Lose Weight Faster.  Environmental toxins from air pollution and chemicals in the food supply bombard our digestive system every day.  Plus, pharmaceuticals and smoking add to the toxicity.

Keeping the Digestive Tract Clean

We clean our faces everyday but seldom think about cleaning our intestines.  As an example, let’s look at the plumbing system in a house.  Every day fat and other debris go down the drain and into waste pipes with some portion of the debris sticking to the pipe walls.  Over time, the accumulation of these sticky portions causes the pipes to become clogged and eventually the need to pump out the septic tank.  Otherwise, the waste will stick together causing severe issues with the piping system.  The same thing happens to our digestive tract!

When we eat greasy, fatty foods, some with toxic substances, residues build up in our digestive tract.  The residues combine with mucous secreted in the colon to form hunks of gluey feces which accumulate along the entire length of the digestive tract, year after year.  Constipation becomes an everyday issue at this point.  Some people have been known to carry 40-50 lbs of this gluey feces in their intestines.  Talk about a weight loss opportunity!

Unfortunately, this gunk does not pass from the body normally.  Special treatment is required to remove their binding to the intestinal wall.  When this decayed food is allowed to remain in your intestines, it can cause Autointoxication (self-poisoning) also called “Systemic Intoxication”.  The toxins from these old feces can be carried by the bloodstream to every cell in the body, suppressing the immune system and leading to various illnesses.  But, it does not need to be this way.

A Great Product for Colon Cleansing

Anyone who eats what is considered the Standard American Diet will benefit from periodic cleansing, especially if living in an urban area.  The ۲۱-Day Cleanse program is a 2 product system designed to detoxify and maintain colon health.  What makes it different than other cleansers is how it works.  It is gentle with no harsh symptoms or diarrhea.  No mad dashes to the restroom.  You will have nice cleansing bowel movements each morning.  The movement will be a bit larger than usual as you are cleaning everything out.

The 21-Day Cleanse contains AM/PM tablets taken morning and evening.  The evening tablet or PM cleansing formula supports the removal of health-robbing toxins from every cell in the body while promoting the body’s regular, natural self-cleansing action.  The morning tablet or AM replenishing formula contains wholesome ingredients such as “friendly bacteria”, health enhancing “probiotic factors” and fiber which helps to soothe, rebuild, and revitalize the digestive system.  Probiotic factors have been known to fight off and prevent the build-up of any BAD bacteria such as Salmonella; relieve constipation; prevent diarrhea; and reduce some food sensitivities such as lactose intolerance.

Colon cleansing reviews that exclude the Herbalife 21-Day Herbal Cleanse program focus only on the cleaning portion of this process.  A proper cleanse will eliminate toxins but also provide ingredients to improve your digestive health.  This two-prong approach will improve your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients you eat and to eliminate the toxins you don’t want which will make you healthier and enhance your weight loss efforts.

Eating balanced meals and getting the right amount of vitamins is a must if you want to reduce the toxins you consume and to lose weight fast.  A quick start to help you make this process easy can be found HERE!



Endorsements for Truckers ۹ مرداد ۱۳۹۶

Being a truck driver is not an easy job. It may look not glamorous but it’s definitely a decent and honorable job to have. Trucking driving job is highly in demand now but not everybody can be a truck driver. Truck driving is also a highly demanding job that requires an individual to be physically and mentally fir to perform the job and must possess great driving skills. To be a truck driver one must also undergo certain period of training and pass the necessary tests needed to get his ‘passport’ to trucking industry…the CDL or commercial driver’s license.

All truck drivers must have their commercial driver’s license (CDL) which will allow them to drive and operate commercial motor vehicles (CMV) that weighs more than 26, 000 lbs. To obtain a CDL license you must undergo a CDL truck driving training and pass the skill tests given. Skill tests includes a pre-trip inspection and actual driving test, it also includes written tests which will measure your skills and knowledge on handling huge trucks. Your knowledge on mechanical systems that operates a truck like airbrakes as well as technical aspects will also be measured through this examination.  A regular medical examination is also required for truck drivers and must be declared physically fit for the job.

Having a CDL license alone will not allow you to drive all types of trucks or carry all types of contents. To operate a specialized truck or carry specialized or delicate materials, one must also obtain endorsements. There are different types of endorsement a driver must obtain for a specific vehicle or contents. Here are some of the most common endorsements:

The T Endorsements or the double/triple endorsement to obtain this endorsement you must pass the knowledge test. This endorsement will allow you to drive a double/triple trailers or combination vehicles.

If you want to be a bus driver, you must secure a passenger endorsement. To obtain it, you must pass both the skills and knowledge tests. To be a school bus driver, you must have a school bus driver endorsement and should pass both written and driving tests and must be clear from any background checks and sex offender registry checks.

To operate tanks and carry hazardous materials, one must have a hazmat endorsement and must pass the knowledge test. It is also a must to pass fingerprint and background checks. These checks have been mandatory since the 9/11 terror attack in US. This is to ensure safety for everyone. The hazmat endorsement on your CDL will allow you to drive tanks/truck that carries hazardous materials.

Truck driving job is a serious job to have. To be a truck driver is not easy as others think and it does require skills and enough knowledge. This is one honorable job that deserves respect and should not be underrated. If you are dreaming to be a truck driver or start a career on this industry, you should start now, train, practice, learn and be successful just like many others.  


If your vacation plans call for visiting one of the largest National Parks in the world, you’re going to need a place to sleep. If your idea of a hotel room is a 10 x 10 box with cheap carpet on the floor and a bed stuck in the middle of the room, prepare to be impressed. With 122 places to put your head down at night, spread across seven different facilities, there’s a room type and price to suit every taste and budget.

What the lodge owners like to call facilities, I think of as neighborhoods. And just like neighborhoods the world over, each facility has its own unique charm and style. From rustic rooms that bring back the frontier days of old Montana, to upscale and luxurious, it’s all there at the St. Mary Lodge & Resort.

Let’s See Which St. Mary Lodge & Resort “Neighborhood” Is Right For You

Great Bear Lodge

The Great Bear Lodge joined the St. Mary Lodge & Resort family of neighborhoods in 2001, making it the newest member of the family. The building features 48 individual guest rooms as well as 13 suites. You can choose from sleeping accommodations that include one king bed or two queen beds. All rooms are air conditioned and feature satellite TVs, beautiful granite counters, mini wet-bars and private decks affording breathtaking views of Glacier National Park! As an added bonus, the suites include a fireplace, luxurious leather couch and a soothing Jacuzzi tub offering the perfect end to an exciting day exploring the park.

Pinnacle Cottages

For that home-away-from home feeling, the Pinnacle Cottage is the perfect choice. Great for families or small groups traveling together, each self-contained cottage includes two bedrooms, a full kitchen, large deck area complete with gas BBQ grill, beautiful living room complimented by a river rock fireplace, satellite television and, of course, a breathtaking view of Glacier National Park.

The Pinnacle Cottages draw their name from the fact that they are perched atop a hill that overlooks the main lodge.

West Lodge

A great choice for couples, this single-story building features 24 guest rooms. Choose between a king bed and one or two queen-sized beds. All rooms were recently upgraded and include TV, air conditioning, a desk and chair, granite countertops as well as the traditional furnishings the lodge is known for.

East Lodge

For a rustic experience without sacrificing quality, the East Lodge, a single-story building featuring 10 lodge-styled guestrooms, is a great choice. Choose between one or two queen beds. All rooms include air conditioning and a desk and chair. Televisions are not available in the East Lodge.

Glacier Cabins

Looking to get up close and personal with Glacier National Park? The Glacier Cabins are the closest you can get without sleeping on the ground inside the Park. But that amazing proximity doesn’t mean you’ll be isolated. The Glacier Cabins are immediately adjacent to the Lodge’s dining and shopping area.

A great choice for vacationing families and small groups of travelling companions, each room features a kitchen table and four chairs, microwave, mini fridge, sink, and bath. There’s one sleeping area in the main room and a separate bedroom that can be closed off if desired.

Sun Cabin

Now if you really want to experience a vacation that gets you “away from it all” check out the Sun Cabin. Located on the East side of the Lodge, many guests say it offers the most spectacular views found anywhere at St. Mary Lodge & Resort.

This stand-alone two-story cabin features a cozy loft-style bedroom as well as a full kitchen and a large deck that’s perfect for whiling away the cool summer nights.


If you’re looking for a truly unique lodging experience, it’s hard to beat the Tipis. These 700 square foot rooms with 27 foot ceilings include a bath house with Jacuzzi, cedar wood floors, a special “Cloud Nine” queen bed, a queen sofa bed for family or friends, flat screen TV, fire pit and a table with chairs.

Guest House

The preferred choice for many families and small groups of travelling companions, the Guest House is equipped with two bedrooms, a sleeper sofa, living room, kitchenette, satellite TV and air-conditioning.

Main Lodge

The Main Lodge provides 22 guestrooms spread between the first floor below the main lobby and the floor above the lobby. Every room includes either one or two beds, a desk, table and chair. You’ll especially enjoy the recently renovated main lobby featuring a group seating area, traditional Montana lodge décor, interesting upscale artwork, and a fireplace area that’s perfect for sharing with old friends and for meeting new.

Now you can see why I said “there’s a room type and price to suit every taste and budget” when your vacation plans include a trip to Glacier National Park and the St. Mary Lodge & Resort!


External hemorrhoids are fleshy lumps around the anus. They are caused by abnormal increase in anal pressure resulting in the dilatation of rectal veins; this pressure is also transmitted to the rectal walls affecting the muscles which support the hemorrhoidal vessels. The muscular support around the rectal veins becomes lax and the veins get engorged and transformed into a fleshy protrusion covered with skin around the anus. With advancing age, people increasingly experience hemorrhoids problems. {  Click here to learn more about the real causes of hemorrhoids}

What are the measures you can use to relieve symptoms?

Measures that are effective in reducing symptoms of external hemorrhoids are:

– Sitz baths with lukewarm water several times daily for about 10-15 minutes. After the bath tub sitting, the affected area should be dried gently with a clean towel in order to remove wetness from the area. When the affected area is left wet, this might encourage bacterial contamination of the hemorrhoid making the hemorrhoid more painful and enlarged. ( Click here to learn how to relief pain in hemorrhoids permanently)

-Ice packs can be applied to the swelling to alleviate pain and swelling.

-Hemorrhoid suppositories can be applied by insertion into the anus to reduce pain and discomfort.

-Hemorrhoid creams, cortisone creams, Vaseline and petroleum jelly would bring an instant improvement of the external hemorrhoid, this relief however may not last long. {  Click here to get a more lasting symptom relief}.

-It is preferable to wear loose underwear made of fabrics of natural origin, either cotton or silk.

-Personal hygiene of the anal region by thorough cleaning the affected area after bowel movement by a gentle use of wet wipes helps control the itching and irritation of the anus.

-Pain killers like aspirin and paracetamol{panadol} can be used to relieve the pain of hemorrhoids temporarily.{To learn more on how to reduce your pain permanently click the links in the last paragraph below}

More active methods of therapy include the following:

– Sclerotherapy – this method shrinks the hemorrhoid lumps by the injection of chemical agent called a sclerosant into the rectal veins which causes inflammations and occlusion of the dilated rectal veins. The sclerosant is injected in the area near the hemorrhoid which provokes the rectal veins reaction.

– Rubber band ligation – this method uses a rubber band which is placed at the base of the hemorrhoid. The band cuts off the blood supply to the affected vein causing it to shrivel and fall off in about a week.

-Infrared photocoagulation – this procedure works by directing infrared light to the affected veins of the hemorrhoid. The dilated veins are coagulated thus cutting off blood supply to the hemorrhoids causing them to shrink.

– Laser coagulation – this method uses an electric current to shrink hemorrhoid protrusions. The electricity is emitted by an electrode probe and triggers a chemical reaction which cuts off the blood supply to the infected area.

-Major Surgery in the form of Hemorrhoidectomy can be used to remove hemorrhoid swellings. The removal is carried out by a cautery devise and a scalpel or by laser. The surgery could be recommended for treatment of prolapsed or thrombosed external hemorrhoids. (If you want to avoid surgery, click the links in the last paragraph to discover a better treatment alternative)

Unless you take pro active steps to prevent reoccurrence, hemorrhoids will return over time. The most effective preventive measures are:

-Live a more active life, stop living a sedentary lifestyle. Physical exercise will exercise buttocks muscles along with the overall conditioning of your body.

– Take in more oral fluids in your diet, you should try to include at least a glass of fresh fruit juice daily in your intake.

-Consume more fiber rich food items.


این مطلب از وب سایت آپ موزیک رپورتاژ گردید و صرفا جهت اطلاع شما از این آهنگ می باشد…

دانلود آهنگ جدید سهیل محمدی دلتنگم

هم اکنون می توانید از رسانه آپ موزیک ترانه بسیار زیبای دلتنگم از سهیل محمدی را به همراه متن و بهترین کیفیت دریافت کنید

شعر : مونا جهان / آهنگساز و تنظیم کننده : میلاد اکبری

Download New Song By : Soheil Mohammadi – Deltangam With Text And Direct Links In UpMusic

Soheil Mohammadi Deltangam دانلود آهنگ جدید سهیل محمدی دلتنگم

متن آهنگ دلتنگم سهیل محمدی


دلتنگم و دلتنگیام تموم نمیشه وقتی دلیل رفتنت معلوم نمیشه
تا برنگردی قلب من آروم نمیشه
با رفتنت تصویر خونه زرد میشه گرمای خونه بی تو داره سرد میشه
این جای خالی تو وجودم درد میشه
اون که رفت دیگه رفت و محاله که یادم بیفته من هنوز پرم از یه عالمه حرف نگفته
♪♪♫♫♪♪♯اون رفته و غم مونده واسم یادگاری من دیر فهمیدم که تو دوسم نداری♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
اون که رفت دیگه رفت و محاله که یادم بیفته من هنوز پرم از یه عالمه حرف نگفته
اون رفته و غم مونده واسم یادگاری من دیر فهمیدم که تو دوسم نداری
از وقتی رفتی یک شبم آروم ندارم هیچ سرپناهی زیر این بارون ندارم
گرمیه دستات هرگز از یادم نمیره برگرد نذار این مرد تو تنهاییش بمیره
♪♪♫♫♪♪♯اون که رفت دیگه رفت و محاله که یادم بیفته من هنوز پرم از یه عالمه حرف نگفته♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
اون رفته و غم مونده واسم یادگاری من دیر فهمیدم که تو دوسم نداری
اون که رفت دیگه رفت و محاله که یادم بیفته من هنوز پرم از یه عالمه حرف نگفته
اون رفته و غم مونده واسم یادگاری من دیر فهمیدم که تو دوسم نداری


سهیل محمدی دلتنگم

برای دانلود بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید : دانلود آهنگ جدید سهیل محمدی دلتنگم

Cosmetics Tips For Mature Women – 4 Tips

Time marches on relentlessly and it eventually shows on our faces. But we attempt to delay this process of aging by concealing the signs with makeup. But many of us do not know how to properly apply makeup as our skin ages.

Here are four simple tips to look your best as your skin ages:

۱٫ Stop using a lip liner pencil. Instead use a stiff-bristled lip liner BRUSH. This will help your lipstick stay and prevent bleeding or feathering of the color around your lips.

۲٫ Apply a loose translucent powder with a good quality powder brush in the morning and don’t reapply during the day. Use sparingly as too much powder will actually accentuate the fine lines and wrinkles!

۳٫ Depending on your skin-tone, use a beige-colored highlighter around the jowls to de-emphasize the shadow created by the jowls thereby making them less noticeable. To lessen the appearance of a saggy-neck, use a powder that is slightly darker than the surrounding skin and apply it under your chin. This will create the illusion of a shadow in that area and make it less prominent.

۴٫ Ever been told that you shouldn’t use frosted eye shadow if you are over 30? If used properly, frosted eye shadow can actually make you look young! Just don’t use a single color over the entire eyelid.

Remember that being subtle is the key!

On the subject of brushes, it is very important that you use high quality brushes as it is evermore important that your makeup is applied evenly.


این مطلب از وب سایت آپ موزیک رپورتاژ گردید و صرفا جهت اطلاع شما از این آهنگ می باشد…

دانلود آهنگ جدید مرتضی اشرفی اومدی که چی شه

هم اکنون می توانید از رسانه آپ موزیک ترانه بسیار زیبای اومدی که چی شه از مرتضی اشرفی را به همراه متن و بهترین کیفیت دریافت کنید

شعر و اهنگسازی : عماد طغرایی / تنظیم کننده : میلاد بهشتی

Download New Song By : Morteza Ashrafi – Omadi Ke Chi She With Text And Direct Links In UpMusic

Morteza Ashrafi Omadi Ke Chi She دانلود آهنگ جدید مرتضی اشرفی اومدی که چی شه

متن آهنگ اومدی که چی شه مرتضی اشرفی


اومدی که چی شه که دلم زیر و رو شه
که دوباره همه فکر و خیال من شروع شه خب که چی شه
اومدی که چی شه دلم به بودنت راضی نمیشه
دل من با تو باز وارد این بازی نمیشه نگو میشه
♪♪♫♫♪♪♯بام بهم زدی دوراتو زدی با چه رویی میتونی برگردی پیشم♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
غیر ممکنه دل بدم بهت نه این دفعه دیگه خامت نمیشم
بام بهم زدی دوراتو زدی با چه رویی میتونی برگردی پیشم
غیر ممکنه دل بدم بهت نه این دفعه دیگه خامت نمیشم
دیگه واسه من مردی فکر کن که تو بردی بسه تمومش کن اشکمو در آوردی
دیگه خستم از کارات نمیمونم باهات دیگه تو کتم نمیره تکرار اشتباهات
♪♪♫♫♪♪♯بام بهم زدی دوراتو زدی با چه رویی میتونی برگردی پیشم♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
غیر ممکنه دل بدم بهت نه این دفعه دیگه خامت نمیشم
بام بهم زدی دوراتو زدی با چه رویی میتونی برگردی پیشم
غیر ممکنه دل بدم بهت نه این دفعه دیگه خامت نمیشم


مرتضی اشرفی اومدی که چی شه

برای دانلود بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید : دانلود آهنگ جدید مرتضی اشرفی اومدی که چی شه

این مطلب از وب سایت آپ موزیک رپورتاژ گردید و صرفا جهت اطلاع شما از این آهنگ می باشد…

دانلود آهنگ جدید علی اعتماد تسلیم

هم اکنون می توانید از رسانه آپ موزیک ترانه بسیار زیبای تسلیم از علی اعتماد را به همراه متن و بهترین کیفیت دریافت کنید

Download New Song By : Ali Etemad – Taslim With Text And Direct Links In UpMusic

Ali Etemad Taslim دانلود آهنگ جدید علی اعتماد تسلیم

متن آهنگ تسلیم علی اعتماد


تا آمدن تو عشق بازی تعطیل
معضوق تو کی میشه کی واسه تو میمیره تو قسمت کی میشی کی دستتو میگیره
دنیامو بگیر از من من پیش تو نسلیمم هرچی تو بگی میخوام قطعی شده تصمیمم
چشممو میبندی دستتو میگیرم حالمو میپرسی از خوشی میمیرم
♪♪♫♫♪♪♯تشنمه بارون شو از عذابم کم کن تو مث دریایی تو خودت غرقم کن♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
چشممو میبندی دستتو میگیرم حالمو میپرسی از خوشی میمیرم
تشنمه بارون شو از عذابم کم کن تو مث دریایی تو خودت غرقم کن
ای پادشه خوبان داد از غم تنهایی دل بی تو به جان آمد وقت است که باز آیی
در دایره قسمت ما نقطه تسلیمیم لطف آن که تو اندیشی حکم آن که تو فرمایی
♪♪♫♫♪♪♯چشممو میبندی دستتو میگیرم حالمو میپرسی از خوشی میمیرم♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
تشنمه بارون شو از عذابم کم کن تو مث دریایی تو خودت غرقم کن
چشممو میبندی دستتو میگیرم حالمو میپرسی از خوشی میمیرم
تشنمه بارون شو از عذابم کم کن تو مث دریایی تو خودت غرقم کن


علی اعتماد تسلیم

برای دانلود بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید : دانلود آهنگ جدید علی اعتماد تسلیم

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